1. Management consulting centered on medium-sized companies

What we feel on a daily basis is that the environment surrounding medium-sized companies is in the midst of rapid changes.
Technological advances day by day, trends such as IT, globalization, aging, services, software, etc. are intricately intertwined, and are exerting unexpected effects on companies.
In order to respond to these circumstances, corporate management in the future will require creativity and flexibility that can quickly respond to large fluctuations in up, down, left, and right amplitudes.
I believe that the time has come for medium-sized companies that specialize in dynamic and highly sensitive management to grow.
This is a great opportunity for youthful medium-sized companies that use their unique advanced technology and management know-how to develop new markets. At times like this, it is important to respond based on accurate advice.
Sasakawa Research Institute Co., Ltd. strongly desires to respond to all kinds of problems related to corporate management and to be useful to all medium-sized companies on the path to becoming an excellent company.
We offer consultations on various problems related to people, goods, money, information, and time, which are the basic elements of corporate management.
In the future, the judgment of top management will become even more important in determining management strategies.
We will contribute to help you improve your company’s management.

2. Solving management issues of medium-sized companies

  • business succession
  • IPO
  • M&A
  • fundraising
  • financial analysis
  • real estate sale
  • Effective use of land
  • Accounting measures
  • Securing human resources
  • Improvement of accounting organization
  • market research
  • profit plan
  • audit
  • Overseas expansion
  • Overseas inspection
  • others