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    On December 1, 2022,the Fukuoka Omicron warning was issued.・Thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures such […]

Message from the President

Today, in the midst of rapid changes in the environment surrounding companies every day, unstoppable technological innovation, globalization, aging population, diversification of services, etc. are intricately intertwined, and unexpected impacts on companies It affects

In order to respond to this situation, creativity, flexibility, and a highly sensitive management sense are required to respond quickly. There is also. At times like this, it is important to respond based on accurate advice.
We provide consultation on various issues such as people, goods, money, information, time, and risk management, which are the basic elements of corporate management.
In the coming era, the judgment of top management will become even more important than before in determining management strategy. We will contribute to help you improve your company’s management.

Kenji Nishihara



Management consulting centered on medium-sized companies
Solving corporate management issues

Sasakawa Corporate
Revitalization Fund

The Sasakawa corporate revitalization fund will improve the company’s finances and promote sound management.


IR (casino integrated resort)
planning, development,
and mediation business

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