What is an integrated resort facility (IR = Integrated Resort) including a casino?

Casinos, hotels, theaters, movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, cultural halls, MICE facilities (international conference facilities and exhibitions),

In the IR business, not only the facility concerned, but also surrounding facilities and the whole area are collectively called IR.

IR (casino integrated resort) planning, development, and mediation business

Together with a professional team with extensive experience in operating integrated resorts, hotels and entertainment in the global market, we provide comprehensive, high-quality management and consultancy services to optimize the operational and financial performance of resort properties worldwide. We do our best to deliver.

Sasakawa Research Institute is expanding its IR business by making the most of its abundant human resources, vast network, forward-looking vision, and strategic execution.

Regional revitalization centered on IR (casino integrated resort) facilities

Through integrated resort facilities (IR), we are cooperating in regional revitalization and development as a world-class international tourism country.

We are also promoting regional development cooperation in Asian countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia.